Zbrush 4R7 Tutorial Hard Surface Techniques SciFi Device

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Zbrush 4R7 Tutorial – Hard Surface Techniques – Sci-Fi Device

In this tutorial we’ll take a look at some new subject matter within Zbrush. This video covers some basic techniques behind concepting hard surface objects in Zbrush.

Eugene will guide you through of some techniques to create more polished paneling as opposed to sculpting with trim brushes. We’ll see how we can slice our base mesh with SliceCurve brush, and recombine polygroups. Also we’ll discover edge loop instruments in geometry tab, how to use panel loops to quickly generate set of panels and how to create paneling look by hand in certain areas.

Lastly we’ll create some custom alphas right within Zbrush and combine them with custom stroke methods to quickly generate surface details. Hope you find these techniques useful and implement them in your hard surface workflow.

This tutorial was created exclusively for Edge-CGI by Eugene, feel free to check out his artstation to see more of his work!


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial Stay tuned for more!

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