Valorant 3D Animation Tutorial Blender

By fyan

The 3d Valorant Model Pack is now free!
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In this video, I will show you how you can create Valorant animations with Blender. I will teach you how to animate characters, how to create a Valorant 3D environment, how to parent weapons to your character, how to light your scene, and add a 3D Valorant background which gives you realistic reflections and lighting on your Valorant models. For that, we will use Valorant HDRIs. On top of that, I will show you lots of other cool stuff, like how to use this new skill to make money and so on…
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Ground Texture

Chapter 1: Intro 0:00
Chapter 2: Getting Started 3:56
Chapter 3: Workspace 6:13
Chapter 4: Posing and Animating 8:55
Chapter 5: Mixamo 12:51
Chapter 6: Valorant 3D Environment 23:09
Chapter 7: Lighting, Camera, Render Settings, Rendering 35:53
Chapter 8: How to make money 46:53
Chapter 9: Outro 48:20

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