Tutorial – Super Satisfying Pill Simulation in Blender

By Moby Motion

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Making this original scene in blender, using the rigid body physics tools, and then making this Blender tutorial afterwards reminded me how much I enjoy making these videos. Hopefully I can make more soon, let me know in the comments below which exact tutorials you would like to learn about over the coming weeks and months. Or, which kind of blender physics videos do you miss watching, even without a tutorial, and would like more off. For example, would you like more rigid body physics, or how about fluids, smoke, or even cloth simulations, which I haven’t had much of a chance to play around with.

Also, I used to make tutorials based on broad topics like the fluid simulation solver in general, rigid body physics in general, smoke simulation, camera tracking in blender etc. But, I really love the tutorials by CG Geek, Ducky 3D, Blender Guru and others, who base the tutorial not on an idea, but on a single, short, but really cool clip or image. I hope to make more of this kind of tutorial in the future, even if I end up covering the same idea (like Richard body physics) multiple times, but it means that you get to learn about the idea from different angles, and hopefully deepen your understanding of these important blender ideas.

After talking about modelling the 3-D pill, based off of a UV sphere, I talk about creating a nice realistic plastic materials on it, how to set up the lighting for a scene like this, how to set up depth of field in the camera to get a nice realistic Bokeh using a fake 75 mm F0.4 lens (which I wish existed). I render the scene in Cycles, because I don’t really like Eevee, and I haven’t had a chance to play around with Lux render yet in blender 2.8.

Based on one of my absolute favourite Blender physics simulations, from the simulated subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Simulated/comments/fblfxr/rigid_body_pills/
You can also check out his Instagram @thomaslatvys3d and YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/blendertutordotcom

Small addendum:
-I accidentally cut out the bit where I switch the pills from flat shading to smooth shading. Don’t worry though, you can do this super easily by selecting a pill, clicking “object” at the top, and then “shade smooth”. Because they are linked, you should be able to do this on one pill and it will apply it to all of them.

00:00 – Hello
00:34 – Modelling the pill
04:55 – Container and mixers
08:00 – Thousands of pills
14:39 – Physics time!
19:10 – Materials
22:20 – Lighting
24:18 – Depth of field

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