Tutorial: How to Model Geometrically Correct (Involute) Gears in Blender

By O.T. Vinta

Update (May 2, 2017): We now offer a much faster way to create meshing involute gears, based on a script-generating online calculator available at http://www.otvinta.com/instantgear.html. For more info, see our tutorial on instant gear generation at https://youtu.be/h37WgwkkTFg.

Creating a pair of geometrically correct mating gears is not exactly a trivial task. The sides of gear teeth are not curved arbitrarily. Most real-life gears use a mathematical curve, called “involute curve” to keep the pressure vector between the teeth constant. This tutorial will teach you how to crate a pair of perfectly meshing gears using Blender in just a few minutes. It will also teach you how to animate the gears using drivers.

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