Tutorial Cinema 4D : Ivy Grower Plugin

By Lawrence Black

Hi Everybody today I’ll show you How to use the Ivy Grower Plugin in Cinema 4D

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You can Download the Free Plugin Here – C4D R13 & Highter

☛ https://goo.gl/jcdQf7

The Plugin Ivy Grower is Free and has been made by “Thomas Luft”

☛ http://graphics.uni-konstanz.de/~luft/ivy_generator/

Best Regards ☛ https://www.informatik.uni-konstanz.de/

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C4D Tutorial Steps |

– C4D Modelling a Column

– How to set-up the scene

– How to use the Ivy Grower Plugin

– Adding and setup an advanced Volumetric light in the scene

– Creating a beautiful Materials

– Finally how to setup an advanced rendering in Cinema 4D