Tips On Sculpting A Cape In Zbrush

There is a lot of beneficial information found in this blog post, but it’s best not to miss out on the tutorial by Ryan Kingslien. He shows how he convincingly sculpts folds and such into cloth capes using Zbrush!

Ryan Kingslien has always had an interest in art and computers. He is the founder of GhostGum, a digital sculpting studio that uses 3D printing to create sculptures out of polyurethane models made with software like Zbrush or Mudbox before they are casted in near-fused silicone elastomers for durability–ultimately giving artists more control than ever before over their creations.

The state of computer graphics came long way since 1999 when Ryan first started using them as part of his studies at DigiPen Institute Of Technology And now he wants us all use these tools not just because it’s what people expect but also on behalf those who haven’t yet grown accustomed (or rather rejected) traditional medium.