Texture Landscapes BY STEEPNESS in Blender!

By The CG Essentials

In today’s video, we’re going to talk about how to texture a terrain with 2 different textures – one that gets applied to steep surfaces, the other that gets applied to the flatter surfaces.

This is especially useful when working with Landscapes, as things often grow on the flatter parts of a landscape, but not the steeper parts.

Apply material 1 – doesn’t look very good – select mesh, “u”, “unwrap”

Open UV editing tab – resize mesh

Hook up remaining nodes

Notice – all surfaces contain this material

Now – add Geometry node, separate x, y, z node, color ramp note.

CTRL+SHIFT+T to preview.

Only works in Cycles

Hook normal into separate x, y, z, into color ramp. Adjust blacks and whites so you get blacks on steep, whites on flat.

Now, create a shader mix node.

Add second material.

Plug both materials into the mix note, then plug the color ramp into the mix node as well. Then hook this into your material.