Terms & Conditions

Professional & Entry Level:

– All levels are allowed to download and use the cebas trial version for Challenge submissions. See http://www.cebas.com – see products moskitoRender and finalRender / finalToon

Entry Level:

– For Render Artist wannabes: download the trial version of finalRenderfinalToon and/or moskitoRender – watermark creatives will be accepted for the Challenge.

Professional Level:

– Professional artists familiar with cebas software are welcome to submit their best creatives for the winning selection.



Artists in both levels / categories must have at least a registered free account with cebas and 3DTutorials.net to begin. 

For the entry levels, download our trial versions at http://www.cebas.com.

For the professionals – genuine software from cebas and/or other rendering software – clearly state the software(s) used in a particular submission(s) – are all welcome.

The idea is not to limit the creative submissions therefore, cebas will consider submissions of VFX that are not fully created using moskitoRender or finalRender and we welcome a combination of vfx software used.
Needless to say, cebas are the developers of moskitoRender and finalRender/finalToon and we welcome especially new artwork in this area. 

Entries accepted:

1) Any % to 100 % cebas render best creatives.

2) Creatives using any other VFX / render software (as long as the artist has a free registered account at www.cebas.com.

3) Artists can submit as many entries as they like.

4) Artists can submit recent work or work that were done not more than six months back from date of submission or creatives that are from major movie or game or architectural or commercial/designer projects that are of an earlier date and have no more NDA encumbrance and that have not been shown to public more than two press release / announcements in the past. Major as in large scale projects that garnered a good amount of media attention, so as to be known to more than 400 people. 

Deadline for Submissions will be March 1, 2016. Late entries will not be entertained. Please note that Cebas will be using your artwork on social media channels and on selective marketing efforts.

To the attention of all our challenge participants.

Deadline of the Challenged announced on our website is extended until June 28 due to small number of participants.

Please note that all the entries you upload/publish for the contest need to have a relevant description and names of softwares used for their creation.