Subway scene using Blender 2.92

By tareq hasan

It took me approximately 30 hours to make this video. (I’ve just started using blender)
I tried to create an empty subway scene. When I first visualized the idea, it indeed seemed so simple. But executing it was a challenge. Blender is a funny software. It lets you do everything…but the trick is to figure out how. And this takes hours…but after constructing a basic setting you will realize that recreating the same scene would take minutes.

When I render a shot, it always happened that I haven’t paid attention to microscopic matters. You guys probably wouldn’t notice but I would know. So, I have to go back and render it again. I did this Allah knows how many times. And since I rendered all the scenes in 4k, it took onek onek shomoy. Now, I could do it in 1080p like my previous two renders, and sadly, I did. But that didn’t go according to plan.

In my first attempt, I tried to create volumetric shadows and fog in the hallway, to make it more atmospheric and cinematic. But the problem is, Evee is not that powerful when it comes to rendering stuff like that. Unfortunately, I didn’t take that into my account and wasted a whole day. When I converted those clips from mkv to mp4, their quality dropped. On top of that when I transferred them to Premier Pro, my clips’ quality dropped even further.

I remember myself being numb and exhausted… sitting in front of my pc at 4 am… thinking: what have I done! At one point, I decided: dhuro! Ghola ghola fete jawa videos gulai upload dibo…ghontar matha.

The next morning, I woke up, deleted everything, and started the project from scratch. This time, I didn’t add any volumetric fogs or any fancy stuffs. I tried to keep it simple and created a bit spooky and relaxing empty subway corridor. This time…Alhamdulillah, I was happy with the results.

if you’ve read this far…thank you!