Spark AR Blender Tutorial: 3D Object Animation with Bones

By Newcolor

Come with me on an adventure as we discover the joy of Spark AR and Blender together! We will walk through attaching bones to 3D object and importing into Spark AR to animate (procedurally! Meaning there is no predetermined animation and responds to the users unique head position)
– Blender 2.8
– Spark AR
– Bones
– Animation

Download this Spark AR Template:

Hello everybody. In this video, I’m going to show you one way to rig a flower in blender and import that flower into spark AR studio and make it bend using bones. Let’s get started. We’re only going to use two bones for this particular model and place them strategically in the bottom and top. So let’s see. Go to side view by pressing three on your keyboard if you have that option. Make sure your 3D cursors at the base. And we’ll press go to solid mode by pressing Z. Alright Shift. A Armature. As to scale. R to rotate 90 enter. Press tab to enter edit mode select the bone. Press shift D to duplicate. So they set at the top of the model. With this bone selected select the bottom bone, right, click parent. Make and keep the offset. Go back to object mode select your model. In this case, it’s one object and I did that after applying my materials. I selected all parts and pressed. Ctrl J to join. So with the model selected we’re going to make the armature the parent. Right, click parent with automatic weights. Let’s go to pose mode and see what we got. Cool. It’s nothing special but it works in a lot of cases depending on what you need. In this case, we’re just making a happy bendy flower. Alright save that model. Select everything we’re going to export file export FBX. The FBX file type is. Kind of interesting and fun. You can bake animations and it can hold the animation so we can use those to play back different model states too. But in this case, we’re going to export the FBX so that we have access to the bones. In our project in Spark AR Studio. So make sure selected objects is selected everything else should work fine export. Alright, let’s open up Spark and see how we did or we can just play with pose mode for a while because that’s a lot of fun too.

Download this Spark AR Template:

This is what the vertex is look like on my model. I’ll give you an idea of the vertex count down here we have 2,800. I think spark recommends less than 10,000 but this number of vertexes will give you a nice smooth bend when you go to edit your your plant model. If you’re a vertex is will. Usually end up in a jagged kind of. Deformation. So the more information that you give it in the model the more that this armature has to work with when it goes to bending it.Alright so here we are back in Sparky our studio what are relief we have our flower here that we imported from our computer. It’s a little big that’s okay when you drag it into your scene there, it’ll it’ll show up and we can scale it down. All right, hello little friend. Now we’ll go over here. And in your object, you’ll see the skeleton in the bone and the bone we’re going to be manipulating the top bone here. You can see that it’s bending which is cool we’re going to want to do a bend and rotation effect so I’m going to be creating a flower mime effect where the flowers sort of does exactly what you do. So let’s try to do that let’s rename this the control pedal. And open up our patch editor. How we’re going to need to face tracker. Drag it onto the patch editor. And what I’m interested in is a lot of things but let’s do our 3d position unpack. And 3d rotation unpack. Now we’ll take our control pedal. And you know, don’t drag that but we do use these little yellow nibs here, so we’ll take the position of our control. And that’ll we’ll use the 3d position to mimic that and then the rotation of our control pedal. And we’ll use that so I think the rotation that we want is the zero rotation, let’s try that. Oh. Okay, so it’s expecting three values, so what we’ll do is. Run that into a pack object. And just. Leave those objects out of it, okay, that’s pretty cool it’s already mining me, alright. Let’s see what happens if we do that. That’s a little more interesting. I might just stick with that if I wanted to have a good day and. Have a flower friend do it. I do let’s pack it this up and we’ll start moving across the screen. 3d position describes whether I’m forward or backwards or left or right in the rotation describes how my head is. Tilted. Cool stuff, all right, let’s see what happens when I do this whoa that didn’t work.Alright so here we are back in Spark AR Studio what are relief we have our flower here that we imported from our computer. It’s a little big that’s okay when you drag it into your scene there, it’ll it’ll show up and we can scale it down.

Download Spark AR Template: