Someone Created WIND WAKER WATER in Blender with Geometry Nodes!

By The CG Essentials

In this video, we check out the method created by Twitter user Late, As Usual for creating procedural water ripples on a surface with geometry nodes!

Late As Usual Twitter Feed

Late As Usual Stylized Water Ripple Post

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0:00 – Introduction
0:27 – Late, As Usual’s Twitter feed and method credit
0:56 – Example video
1:51 – Node Setup Image Location
2:08 – Download the proper version of Blender
2:31 – Creating your water plane
3:37 – Geometry node setup for water plane/objects
3:46 – Sped up geometry node setup
4:08 – Geometry node run-through
4:48 – IMPORTANT – Adding vertex color
5:35 – Setting up shader nodes
6:46 – Sped up shader node setup
12:03 – Setting up geometry collection to start the ripple effect
13:08 – Adjusting the color ramp for better effect
15:01 – Animating splash movement
15:21 – Animating Water Movement
17:56 – Adjusting the Effect