SavedAClick: This weeks recommended Blender Tutorials 13/10/2020

By Steven Scott

Yeah the date is correct, that’s how us Brits do it.. here is this week’s recommended tutorials … links below

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@Olav3D Tutorials
[2.9] Blender Tutorial: Quick Water Animation

[2.9] Blender Tutorial: Rocket Launch Fire and Smoke Simulation

@Ducky 3D
Create A Beautiful Audio Visualizer With Eevee in Blender 2.90 (Blender Tutorial)

Normal Map Painting – Non Destructive Texturing workflow Blender Tutorial

@Jonathan Kron
Fill any Object with Fluid in Blender [Mantaflow] | English

Blender Landscape Tutorial + Giveaway!

@BLUE FOX Creation
Surface Growth Animation Nodes [BLENDER 2.8+]

@Ponte Ryuurui
Beginners hard surface modeling TUTORIAL for Blender

Procedural Vector Displacement in Blender 2.9 – Advanced Blender Tutorial Part 01