RG Poly – Island Pack

By RG-Poly


Island – Poly Pack An Epic Low Poly asset pack of Trees, Rock, Props, and others Environment assets to create a Island themed polygonal style game. You no longer need to browse the store for individual 3d models, only with this one pack alone you can build an amazing levels OVER 140 Detailed prefabs are included with this pack.
– Demo Scene
– 6 materials, 1 main collor material + 5 for water, and ground

Assets: -Banana Trees -Barrels – Stone Blocks -Bones -Bridge -Bucket -Canon -Canon Balls -Cart Wooden -Columns -Crate -Crane -Elephant Statue -Fence – Ground Plants – Islands – Ladder – Palms – Pyramids -Rock and Rock Formation -Ship Wreck -Spice Stall -Stones -Tents -Tiles -Vase -Water Vase -Wooden box -Wooden Log -Treasure chests