Rendering Jewelry in Blender Cycles | Part 2: Diamond Material, Dispersion, Lighting and Pre-Render

By djtutorials

This is Part 2 of Rendering Jewelry in Blender Cycles covering the Diamond Dispersion material, ground material and lighting. There are a lot of advanced features discussed in this such as controlling shadow transparency using a light path shader, adjusting the environment light using curves and adjusting GI illumination and light paths for your scene. Make sure to watch it in its entirety so you really understand what is going on prior to our final rendering and composite.

Make sure to watch Part 1 prior to beginning this one- there are a lot of things covered in Part 1 that you should be aware of before starting this part.


Links below:

Rendering Jewelry in Cycles Part 1:

CyclesX Video:

Environment Lights

Textures from

Tutorial on modeling the Channel Set Diamond Ring

Jocafa Dispersion Glass Material Download Location

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