Overview of Flexi Edit Bézier Tool | Free Blender 2.8x Add-on

By Khemadeva

With this tool in Bezier Utilities toolkit, Blender 2.8x user can edit Bezier curves by dragging a point on curve as well as being able to add and delete vertices anywhere on the curve, all in object mode.

Credit: The Bezier Drag Equations are taken from Inkscape source code. I am grateful to the authors for writing this great piece of code and making it accessible to everyone.

Download Location: https://github.com/Shriinivas/blenderbezierutils
Script File: blenderbezierutils.py

Bezier Toolkit Video Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxsh4i5F_h9G6QFoPzKvBRMayz8533fSW

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