Ornatrix Cinema 4d tutorial. Part 1. Intro and the creation of fur. Redshift IPR.

By CharlyTutors

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how:

→ to create Ornatrix Hair from a preset in Cinema 4D

→ to create realistic wool.

→ to enable the display of real-time wool with shadows and AO in Viewport using special material and the MeshFromStrands modifier.

→ to render the first WIP in Redshift IPR.

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Video Content:

0:00 – Greetings. The theme of the lesson.

0:27 – What is Ornatrix for Cinema4D?

1:07 – What to do while waiting for the next parts? What to watch? Recommendations.

1:49 – What is the difference between Ornatrix for Cinema 4D?

2:18 – About the new principle of Ornatrix tutorial series creation.

3:04 – First steps. How to create an Ornatrix object from a preset?

4:16 – Getting started to creating wool. Creating a basic mesh.

6:18 – How to enable a Real-time display of wool or hair in Viewport?

7:05 – Management of the number of hairs in HairFromGuides.

7:52 – How to remove incomprehensible bugs in the normals of the Ornatrix object.

8:04 – Creating a light source for viewport lighting.

8:44 – If you have a weak video card. What to do?

8:56 – How to remove visible spaces in some parts of the wool using Barycentric Interpolation – Manual Interpolation?

9:45 – Using Surface Comb modifier. Add Sink Tool. Editing Slope Ramp. How to make a sharper transition between points?

11:46 – Edit Sinks button.

12:49 – Strand Detail modifier.

13:00 – Curl modifier.

13:36 – Clump and Sub-Clump. Add Clump Index Channel. Region Channel. Clump Count and Clump Creation method.

15:56 – Length modifier.

16:08 – Frizz Modifier. Preserve Strand Length. Length Dependent. Outliner Fraction and Amount. Group Channel or how to apply this modifier to a specific Clump group?

18:47 – Redshift Light.

19:21 – Redshift Hair Material

19:50 – Test render in Redshift IPR.

20:19 – What will the next lessons be about?

20:29 – Forrender Renderfarm

20:36 – The promotional code for using the 15% lifetime discount on our render farm.

20:40 – Info partners

20:42 – The ending and previews of other lessons.

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