Making a Minecraft render in blender Tutorial sort of

By Megacuby

Blender can be downloaded on steam or its website. (steam has a community tab in case you need help). This is just an example it’s mostly showing everyone how to use rigs and lighting. You need A bit of knowledge on how to do things. How to move, Rotate, scale, etc.

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Links on how to make this& what you need.​…​…​

Please support Judothesurviver, he deserves so much more subs than he has. He makes amazing tutorials and animations, I would recommend subscribing. If you can’t figure out how to download the stuff up top watch the vids down below.

Video of how to install it

Jmc obj 9.03 to 11.22: then 26.13 to end (please watch the whole video to get a better view)…​

Blender rigs 12.56 to 26.11…​

Mc Prep 2.01 to 5.01…​