Lightning Boy Shader 2.0 – A New Workflow for Stylized Animation in Blender 2.91 / EEVEE

By Lightning Boy Studio

Introducing Lightning Boy Shader 2.0! Up for sale here :

* Keep in mind, this shader requires Blender 2.91 to function properly

If you buy the Lightning Boy Shader 2.0, you will get a scene containing the shader + a detailed user guide explaining each function in details.

10% of the money made by selling the Lightning Boy Shader 2.0 will go toward reaching the fundraising goal of BEER. BEER is a new stylized renderer in development for Blender. So by purchasing the Lightning Boy 2.0 shader, you are also funding the future of non photorealistic rendering on Blender! For more information, visit :


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You can watch our toon shader tutorial series here :

Other credits :
Trailer Sound effects : Mark Donis [Pride Productions] –
Opening Logo Sound Mix : Les Productions Underground

Chapters :
0:00 Intro
0:27 LBS 2.0 Trailer
1:15 Why We Made This Shader
1:53 How Buying the LBS 2.0 Also Helps Funding BEER
2:50 LBS 2.0 Basic Explanation
7:52 How to Apply and Outline to your Mesh
10:31 How to add a “Style” Node
11:54 Troubleshooting Refresh Issues
13:09 Transparency Feature
17:50 Light Linking, Anisotropic Hair, Occlusion, Masking