Instance Along Curve 1.1.0 for Maya

InstanceAlongCurve v1.1.0 is a Maya API Python Plugin for interactive instancing of shapes along curves which can be used to create complex scenes without the need to use any other plugin in conjunction with it, or as an alternative when using another plug-in becomes difficult and tedious work due to limitations on how many instances that they allow you place at once

The Instance Along Curve python script provides users with a quick way of placing objects inside their scene by following paths while still being able specify custom attributes such as object materials, colors etc., all from within one application: Maya’s Hypershade window

New Features

  • Added rotation manipulators, with options to reset both positions and angles
  • Added translate, rotate and scale offsets, both local and global
  • Instantiates objects based on their pivots
  • Added curve start and end values
  • Added a ramp repeat value
  • Added UI annotations

By Mariano Merchante