Import Illustrator artwork (logo) into Blender

By Michael Bullo

Importing Illustrator artwork into Blender is not immediately obvious. This video shows you the critical steps required to do so.

Within Illustrator, save the file as an SVG. Within Blender, import the SVG file via the Import option of the File menu. Generally, curves from Illustrator are imported that are so small they aren’t even visible within the 3D Viewport. However, they can easily be selected and scaled up. The curves can be, but don’t have to be, joined using the Join option from within the Object menu (Command/Control + J). Within the Properties panel is a small green icon that represents the Object Data Properties. Within that tab is a section for Geometry which contains values for Extrude and Bevel Depth. These settings allow for both solidity and a bevel to be applied to the imported content which is still vector, editable content.