How to work with METABALLS | Blender 2.90 | Tutorial

By 25games

Time stamps:
0:00 – In a Nutshell
0:10 – Intro
0:40 – Where to find Metaballs
1:07 – Adjust Metaballs
3:17 – Behaviour of Metaballs
5:06 – Purpose of Metaballs
6:41 – Downside of Metaballs
7:29 РR̩sum̩
8:05 – outro

#particle #liquid #fluid
Personally I have never heard about Metaballs before. It was just a function in the add panel but I never tried to work with it. I regret this at all because Metaballs are a very interesting and fascinating oportunity for sculpting, fast shaping volume and are a second method beside particles!

Let me know if you have used Metaballs before and do you like this function in Blender?