How to Play Test Game Mods in Unity

Unity is a powerful game development engine, but it can be daunting to newcomers who are unsure where to begin. This beginner starting guide will walk you through downloading Unity and getting started with the basics of creating your first playable in as little time as 30 minutes!

Play testing is a crucial component of any game. It helps developers find bugs and errors in the gameplay that would otherwise go unnoticed until released to players. Following this Unity tutorial, you will learn how to play test your Microgame by modifying it while playing as well as through various other means for finding glitches and optimizing performance!

After you’ve mastered the basics of Play mode, your first game mod will be adjusting how fast your character moves. No time for a break! Once that’s done, it’ll be on to making another one and then sharing them with friends as shown in video 6.

By Unity