How To Model Wires Using Bezier Curves On Blender

By Alex McIl

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A wire or cable, is basically a circle that is extruded over a length. But what if you need flexibility in making the wire twisty and bendy, or changing the circumference shape, or even the length of the cable with complete easy?
Well this is where Bezier curves come to the rescue and provide the complete flexibility you might be looking for.

In this video we look at just that, we look at:

Here are the steps we take

Step1: Select Add – Curve – Circle to create the wire’s diameter.

Step2: Select Add – Curve – Bezier to create the start of the path.

Step3: Get the diameter to follow the path, and to do this we:
– Right hand click the path
– Go to ‘object data’ tab
– under ‘bevel object’ select ‘bezier circle’

Now watch the circle follow the path in 3D. The amazing flexibility of using bezier curves can be seen if we scale down the circle. Notice how the wire’s diameter also scales down. However, you are not limited to the scaling of the circle’s diameter, but also having the ability to change the shape of the diameter which conversely changes the wire’s shape equally.
But that is not all, you are now able to extrude the path which ultimately extrudes the wire making it longer.

You now have total control over the shape, length and bending effect of your wires.