How to make a Donut in cycles blender 2.72!

By Addicted to CG

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a Donut in blender 2.72! And Hopefully you will find this technique useful not only at blender but also in other programs similar to it! Although this techniaue is easy to reprocess on making other similar kind of foods! Finally I hope you like my video tutorial on how to make a donut in blender or just had fun watching me trying to speak eanglish. I really do try my best and I will always do. New tutorials are going to be uploaded after at least 3 days. Please give a thumbs up to the video ifyou liked it. Comment if you have any suggestions or questions or you just want to tell your opinnion. Share with your friends! And subscribe for more and to keep updated! Thank you for reading my description!