How to Make 3D Valorant Animations in Blender FREE & EASY!

By Rocklan

In this video I teach you how to create your very own Free Custom 3D Valorant Animation in Blender! I teach you how to use Blender, Import Valorant Agent Models, Import Valorant Weapon Models, Animate and Keyframe movements as well as create a Walk Cycle and Camera Animations. The techniques used in this video can be applied to a plethora of other rigs and models and even other games such as Fortnite and CSGO.

This tutorial is designed specifically with complete beginners in mind and covers every detail needed to create professional Valorant Blender Animations. I made an effort to explain everything as simply as possible and make it as easy as I could to produce great results following this tutorial. Animations like these can be used as standalone videos / shortfilms as well as great intros for your Valorant Montage or Edit!


This video was edited with Adobe Premiere Pro
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00:00 Intro
00:50 Blender Basics
02:09 Importing Valorant Models
02:57 Setting Up for Animation
04:00 Importing and Rigging Gun Models
07:46 Animation Basics
13:37 Creating a Walk Cycle
20:26 Changing Walking Speed and Framerate
22:31 Looping Animation Cycles
24:24 Keyframing Walking Distance
26:54 Creating and Animating the Camera
29:36 Final Animation and Outro

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Walk Cycle Reference Images ––hMdJG72ZRtMO4bIRPanE/view?usp=sharing

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I’m considering turning this into a video series to cover different aspects of creating Valorant animations in more detail along with a Valorant montage tutorial series. Is this a good idea? Let me know your thoughts!


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