How to Import HDRIs into BLender

Have you ever wanted to make a scene with an environment that feels realistic? Perhaps your project has been in need of one for some time. Well, we just so happen to have the solution! There are many resources out there and tools at our disposal but they can be difficult or tedious to use sometimes.

This is where HDRIs in Blender come into play as not only will they give your background images a 360 degree view, but it also comes with sunsets and other location-based lighting effects rendering them perfect if you want something natural looking without having spend hours working on individual rays of light throughout every pixel making up the image yourself

Topics Covered:

  • Timestamps for the video
  • Introduction 0:00
  • HDRI Haven 0:30
  • Opening Blender and Adding Plane/Cube 1:30
  • Importing Our HDRI 2:10
  • How to Rotate Our HDRI 3:10
  • How to Make Background Transparent 4:30
  • Conclusion 5:20

By Luminous Labs