How to Import and Render 3D Pokémon Models in Blender [2.8 and Beyond]

By Wiimonkey2

Do you want to learn how to use 3D Pokémon models in Blender? If so, then join me for the first part of this tutorial series, where I’ll show you how to render a Pokémon themed profile picture/wallpaper with our friend good friend Eevee!

0:00 Introduction

1:40 Downloading Blender/Pokémon Models

4:44 Importing The Model

7:01 Adjusting The Model’s Materials

10:11 Framing Our Render

13:27 Posing The Model

19:26 Creating Our Background

22:00 Smoothing The Model’s Shadows

23:47 Lighting Adjustments

26:08 Rendering and Noise

28:42 Final Result

29:34 Fixing Import Problems

33:24 Lightning Round!!

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