How To Edit Video with Blender 2.90 | Basics | Walkthrough | Beginner

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In this video I go over how to set up a new video edit project and the required settings, importing files, and the basics of cutting and rendering. Additional tips are mentioned throughout.
Blender Video Editing 2.9 Playlist:

0:00 – intro
0:40 – change to video editing workflow
1:45 – required settings to render as a video
3:44 – the sequencer timeline (ongoing)
4:38 – importing clips & workflow tips
9:37 – changing what section will render
11:14 – layering videos & workflow tips
17:08 – rendering small sections
17:24 – working example cont.
18:41 – transitions examples
22:56 – rendering everything
23:13 – excessively long outro w/ song

Blender Video Editing 2.9 Playlist:

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