How To Easily Match Real-world Cameras With Fspy And Maya

Alkesh Nanavaty has created a way to match the camera in any image using Maya and fSpy.

In this day and age, it’s not just video that needs to look good. The same holds true for still images as well! There are lots of tools out there with camera-matching abilities built right in–some third party scripts but fSpy is a free open source stand alone tool that you can use on your computer or smartphone without any extra work at all by using its intuitive interface.
You’ll be able match up one image perfectly against another quickly so they’re comparable from different angles which allows for easier content creation when working inside 3D programs like Maya.”

Do you know that feeling, when something is missing and your head hurts from trying to figure out what it could be? Well I had this same experience with fSpy. It’s an awesome program; after using it for a little while (under 2 minutes) all my frustration went away because they’ve built-in ties into Blender as well! So if camera matching interests or Autodesk maya are more up your alley then check out Justin Pedersen’s latest tutorial on how he used “maya_fspy” script in conjunction with Phyton Studio 3D Software which offers great tools guided by simple UIs so importing those files has never been easier.