How to create rectangular Curves for Bevelling| Blender 2.9 | Tutorial

By 25games

#bevelcurve #beziercurve #blendercurve
The Bevel function on curves is a very useful tool for creating a specific shape along a bezier curve in Blender 2.9 – So far I talked about round shapes but what is with rectangular curves? Sound strange but is very easy and cool!

Time stamps:
0:00 – In a nutshell
0:15 – Crash corse : How does Bevel Curve work?
0:52 – Convert Mesh to Curve
2:03 – Create custom bevel object
3:02 – Create custom curve for bevel
4:52 – Extra Objects: Mesh / Curve
5:53 – Outro

Check out my first tutorial about Bevel bezier curves:

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