How to 2D animate with GREASE PENCIL | Blender 2.82 | Tutorial

By 25games

00:00 Start
00:57 Basic information & the Dope Sheet
04:01 Navigation & Shortcut in Dope Sheet
05:04 Frames
08:26 Onion Skinning
08:52 Layers, Outlines & Fills
10:00 Masks
11:12 Effects
11:35 Background Image
13:04 Interpolation of frames
15:22 Scrulpt Mode

15:57 Animating Objects or Grease Pencil objectsty
16:54 – outro

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First of all: I’m not a 2D animator. I tried to get as many information for Grease Pencil for research and this tutorial but I think I got the basic information for starting with 2D animation.

Today I want to introduce my personal bascis for starting 2D animation with Grease Pencil in Blender 2.82. This is not an video tutorial about the principles of animation. The focus is on technical side and the tools to create animation.

This video was very much work and I hope you get all this, what you want to know.