How I learned Blender So I Could Make My Dream Game | Ham and Cheese or PB&J

By Quain In Technicolor

I spent this last week learning Blender in my free time, here’s how it went!

Ham and Cheese or PB&J is my first indie game developed in Unreal Engine 4. It is a first person narrative adventure game where you relive a dying man’s happiest memories.

I stream the development of this game as often as I can, but I do some work offline, since I often can only work on the game in short bursts of time. I plan to be live every day starting at 11am EST. If you want to be apart of the development process, then please join in the conversation!

I also post videos once a week, with every other week being a devlog talking about the progress of the game’s development. If you miss a stream, or just want to catch the highlights every so often, subscribe so you don’t miss a thing.