Getting Started with the EXTRUDE TOOL in Blender!

By The CG Essentials

In today’s video, learn to use the extrude tool in Blender to create 3D shapes, add recesses and extrusions, and much more!


Extrude tool is a tool used to take an edge, a surface, or a group of surfaces and “extrude” it into 3d

Can extrude both out and in. Out adds geometry, in can add things like recesses

Can also tap the “s” key to enter extrude/scale mode. This is especially useful when you need to extrude something outward uniformly on an object.

Now let’s talk a bit about another kind of extrusion – extrude along surface normal. When extruding around objects with a bit of a non-uniform shape, you can use the option for “extrude along surface normals.” This basically allows you to extrude perpendicular to all selected faces, giving you a uniform recess.