Getting Started With Blender’s Bendy Bones

Blender’s Bendy Bones system is a fresh new take on character rigging. It allows you to create bones that are quite flexible, not only in movement but also contextually; it’s like an elastic spine for your scenes!

Back in the day, animators would have to rig each character by hand. With Bendy Bones – which was created as an easier way for anyone with minimal technical knowledge of rigging systems can do it- comes some new concepts that may confuse or throw off those who are less experienced when changes occur within their process; however this new method might actually make things simpler overall!

When you first see the Blender Bendy Bones, it may seem confusing. What is a head and tail anyway? But after an explanation from technical directors who’ve worked in animation before-these are just labels for certain movement properties on this strange creature that looks like some kind of animal with four legs and two arms!

Once they’re explained to me – I get why these things were put into place…to make animating easier by giving us more tools at our disposal without having too much information overload or complexity involved when creating characters rigs for animations!