Getting Started with Blender for Video Editing

By Christopher Lum

In this video we kick off our series of tutorials focusing on using Blender as a video editor. We cover how to setup Blender for video editing and then use it to edit and splice together two dissimilar file types, add a sound track, and render/output an edited movie.

Topic and Timestamps:
0:00 – Introduction
1:57 – Installing Blender
3:25 – Setting the Blender environment for video editing
10:20 – Adding movies to Blender
14:45 – Building video proxies
19:40 – Adding markers
20:20 – Cutting clips
25:32 – Moving clips
27:41 – Adding audio to Blender
29:38 – Rendering final video
33:24 – Summary/cheatsheet of operations

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