FlightGear Aircraft Modeling Tutorials: Ambient Occlusions in Ac3D and Blender

By Narendran Muraleedharan

In this video tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to create an ambient occlusion effect for your model using Ac3D and Blender. If you use ONLY blender to model, this video would be pointless but if you feel more comfortable to model with Ac3D (like me), you could make use of this video.

Also note that, FlightGear’s Rembrandt Project dynamically creates ambient occlusions automatically but that takes up a lot of GPU. Having fake ambient occlusions sometimes looks better AND saves up on your frame-rate.


NOTE: My next video will be on FlightGear XML animations. I’ll be showing you the things that’s NOT already well explained in the wiki, and some of my tips and tricks to animate quick and neat with an XML editor (any text editor will do but I recommend Geany for Linux and Notepad++ or Programmers Notepad for windows) and ac3D. I’ll also mention something about creating good JSBSim FDMs, but not really focus on it, as there’s already very good documentation on it.