Fastest Way to Learn ZBrush

By Techy Help

What is the fastest way to learn ZBrush?

Udemy has some decent courses for learning Zbrush.

I know it is cheaper than art school, but I’m still a starving artist. I cannot even afford their cost.

That rules out Lynda dot com, too. You might like the Uartsy beginner courses on ZBrush.

What site can I try that does not sound like Etsy?

CGarena dot com has free introductory tutorials on Zbrush. It starts with explaining the user interface and navigation before moving on to sculpting.

That’s about my level.

You might like 3D total, a free online site for teaching specific topics in Zbrush. You do not even have to register with the site to watch their first dozen or so Zbrush tutorials.

Free and spam free, sounds perfect.

You would probably like GameStar art. They have a whole Youtube channel on using Zbrush, plus advice on making art for video games.

I’ll make the art for whoever pays me.

You can take the tutorials on Pixologic’s website. They have lessons that are broken down into other subsections, so you can skip to exactly what you need to learn.

Or review, because I do not know any of it.

Their site is not well organized for those who know nothing about it, like walking you through the user interface before you start to sculpt. You might like the free eBook on their site, though, called Getting Started with Zbrush.

Free is always good. And I’ll learn more by reading their book and working with their tutorials than just borrowing Zbrush for stupid people from the library.

The tutorials are more like demonstrations than projects you work through. If you want advanced step by step tutorials, I’d recommend the gnomon workshop, though it is around $60 a month.

Then it sounds like I get a one month subscription after learning the basics from Youtube and cram.

I do not know if they have a minimum time frame for your membership. You could do the DigitalTutors dot com site with a lot of short lessons on using the tools, some of which are free with the demonstration.

And a lot of content you have to pay for.

You have to pay to level up in a lot of games, and you have to pay to play with the experts in most graphics tools. Fast, easy or cheap, pick any two at most.

I’ll start with Youtube and 3D total, and graduate to paid content if I have to.