Easy UV Unwrapping w/ Texture Atlas – Blender Beginner Tutorial

By Cherylynn Lima


Today I thought I’d share one of my new favorite ways to deal with UV maps of low poly characters. One of the things that always frustrated me about texturing low poly is that I would lose that flat, shadeless look. I also find UV unwrapping a chore. I used to have a method similar to this, but I’ve found that selecting by material makes this process take literally seconds!

Texture Atlasing also saves TONS of data. Materials in games can cause lagging in games due to immense drawcall numbers- not fun. This method can maintain your game’s optimization while still having the flat material look.

Original video by Minionsart, who inspired the idea!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DD84GSJiTVc Thank you very much!


The model used for this video was created for a client’s unannounced project, and much thanks to them for allowing me to use this for a tutorial!

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