Easily Create Flying Papers With Cloth In Cinema 4D

“How do you make it so that when the wind blows, papers fly across the screen in C4D?” Casey Latiolais asks on his blog. “I’ll show ya!” he says before posting this quick tip tutorial with easy steps to getting convincing motion for your project without spending hours of work or having expensive software.

Quick tip using cloth tag for paper flying by.

Casey’s new intro to the Kobo directors cut is an example of how he was able to use this technique.”I actually started with something very simple: A vocal reverb on one single voice track just for atmosphere,” says Casey Jewell, who helmed Marvel Studios’ The Punisher as well as Fox 2000 Animation’s Family Guy Live Roadshows before joining Lucasfilm Ltd.’s sound team last fall.

In those roles he had plenty of experience mixing live action but wanted more creative control over his work so went into post-production – where you’re responsible not only editing together dialogue and sounds from different sources (like Foley) using techniques like EQing etc., but also managing all other details including score…

Casey Latiolais has had some other very useful tutorials in the past. Camera Mapping for Easy Parallax in C4D offered a look at adding some life into a simple 2D image by using techniques such as camera mapping and cinema 4d
In his latest video, he shows how you can create unique stills from footage with motion blur effects!

Casey demonstrated how to create a pencil that can draw on a line in After Effects, and he did it using techniques from another project of his.

Casey gives great insights into the process of making hand-drawn animation. He breaks down how he creates his drawings and renders them from references in Cinema 4D, then explores other methods for creating a look with Photoshop or Flash as well!