Dolphin: Blender + Flip Fluid

By Artell Blender

Testing the Flip Fluid addon for Blender, with additional waves from the ocean modifier. The technic to combine the fluid mesh and ocean waves is explained in the breakdown.

Flip Fluid addon:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 1800x, 16 threads
GPU: 2x GTX 980

Fluid Simulation:
115 frames simulated, ~5 min per frame, Total: 10 hours
Resolution: 550, Subdivision: 0, Particle Size; 1
Whitewater particles: ~500.000

All rendered in a single combined pass.
115 frames rendered (GPU), ~2min per frame, Total: 4 hours

Fast ocean shader (no SSS):
Waves height map sequence:
Dolphin model made by Tarnyloo, license CC-BY: