DIY – Blender Pen Refill Tutorial

By Coloring Queen

If you use your tombow blender pen for blending your pencils rather than a blender, white pencil, spirit or other pencil. I also use my blender pen to blend out inktense pencils. This video shows you how to make your own refill fluid and get the most use out of that blending pen.

Remove the insert from the barrel of the blender pen with pliers and put in a container.

In another container mix together 4 teaspoons distilled water, 2 teaspoons glycerine and 1/4 teaspoon alcohol. Pour over the insert. I let my insert soak for 5 minutes in this fluid. Do not use tap water.
You can buy most of the items from either a supermarket, pharmarcy or hardware shop. Depending on how dry your insert is you may want to soak for 15 minutes. Mid way through I put the dried brush end of my blender pen in the fluid to soften it again. If your brush was not dried out you may not need to do this. Shake off any excess. It is very easy to overfill the pens.

Put the blender pen back together again and test out on a scrap piece of paper.

You can pour any remaining blender mix into a jar for use at a later stage.

If you don’t have a blender pen you could use a refillable waterbrush and add the fluid to it.

My experiments of blending with the fluid and paint brush or paper stump did not achieve the same effect as blending with a brush based product like the blender pen or water brush.

Always test on a scrap of paper before using in your coloring pages as it is possible to over fill the pens and have too much fluid.

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