CREATURE SPEED-SCULPT – Blender 2.83 (Sculpting, Texturing, Rendering)

By BlankFaceStudios

First off, I want to say sorry for dropping the ball on the camera work in this one. It’d been a while since I did a blender sculpting video, so I forgot to not move around the viewport so much. I will say most of my other videos don’t have this problem, and it is an issue all of us “speed-video people” have, and we try our best to make the content as fun to watch for you guys as possible!

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-I made this using Blender v2.83, a free 3D graphics program, an amazing tool that I would definitely recommend to anyone looking into doing 3D work. (Sculpting, modeling, animation, etc.)

-I use a Huion 1060 Plus drawing tablet

Music in this video:
-Turning Out: AJR
-Classic Horror 1 – Dark World by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (