Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D: Resume Render Tutorial

By CoronaRenderer

In this tutorial, we’ll cover the various ways to use Corona’s Resume Render functionality in Cinema 4D.

00:00 – Introduction

00:13 – Quick overview of the “Resume Render” functionality

01:00 – Technical overview of how “Resume Render” works under the hood

02:13 – Incorrect use example

03:10 – How to resume renders from the VFB

04:12 – How to resume renders from a file

05:36 – Some extra info on CXR files

06:17 – How pass limits work when resuming your renders

07:05 – How to read the render completion parameter statistics inside C4D

11:18 – Condensed recap on understanding render completion parameter statistics

12:13 – How time limits work when resuming your renders

12:43 – Example of proper adjustments for the pass & time limit parameters

13:42 – How noise limits work when resuming your renders

14:20 – Understanding how noise statistics get updated

15:42 – How “Resume Render” can help you with final renders that completed rendering but are still too noisy

17:30 – How denoising works with resumed renders

18:49 – Enabling denoising on resumed renders that originally had denoising disabled

20:44 – Accessing the “Resume Render” functionality from the PV

22:34 – Potential use cases