Cinema 4D Tutorial – Using Octane Render to Texture & Light a Furry Mouse Scene Part 1

By eyedesyn

In this #Cinema4D tutorial, David is going to show you how to pose and alter a rigged mouse character, dial in the hair settings, lighting, and subsurface scattering materials, and get them all looking good in #Octane, and even alter a cheese fork with Subdivision Surface modeling techniques.

Bumblemouse Tutorial Part 2:


Mouse Asset:

One Click Walk Cycles with CMotion in Cinema 4D:

04:27 – Mouse look development

05:05 – Downloading the mouse model

09:15 – Adding C4D Hair to mouse

14:03 – Posing mouse model

15:10 – Modeling fork

38:52 – Restricting Hair to back of ear

51:22 – Firing up Octane for render looks

1:00:29 – Lighting the mouse in Octane

1:06:39 – Adding Subsurface Scattering skin material


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What You’ll Learn in This Video:

In this #C4D Octane tutorial, we’ll begin by downloading a mouse character from CG Trader that’s originally rigged for Maya, and then reducing the rig down to its essentials for C4D. Next we’ll look at references to other mouse characters so we can find a good looking pose and match it. After that, we’ll add in a fork from the content browser and modify it with several subdivision surface modeling techniques until it looks more like a fondue fork. Once that’s done, we’ll add in the hair and go through all the different options for art directing the look, and then set selections so we limit the hair to only the regions we want. Finally, we’ll add in some lighting so we can highlight details in our fuzzy Bumblemouse character, as well as dialing in the subsurface scattering shaders for his skin.! This tutorials is good for any level of Cinema 4D artist.


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