Cinema 4D Tutorial – Set Driver/Set Driven Xpresso Tips for Cinema 4D

By eyedesyn

In this tutorial I’m going to go over one little bit of Xpresso that does some big things! That bit of Xpresso I’m talking about is Set Driver/Set Driven. Throughout this tutorial I’ll cover a handful of examples of how to use it to speed up your daily workflow and equip you with enough knowledge to take the concept and apply it to your own workflow! This is some of the easiest and most helpful Xpresso to learn so if you’re completely new to Xpresso and intimidated by it, this tutorial is for you!

If you have any Set Driver/Set Driven examples that you’d like to share, please post it in the comments!

Thanks for watching!

Here is the tutorial on the Spline Shader I mention in this video:

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