Cinema 4D tutorial – Glitch text transition

By Sean Dove

Hey guys, Sean Dove here – The other day I saw Andrew Cramer created this amazing glitch effect inside After Effects and I thought we just had to give it a go using Cinema 4D! We are going to have a play using the Voronoi Fracture and some random effectors to make this fun glitchy text transition

Before we do start I wanted to thank you guys – the other week we passed 10,000 subscribers and I was blown away. Thank you so much for the support – seeing you guys get involved and actually completing the tutorials has been a great experience. I wanted to start giving a shoutout to those who have got involved – today’s is render_apprentice for this great little animation – thanks mate!

Also a special thanks to Logic Keyboard for sending me one of their C4D shortcut keyboards to test for you guys. As you might know, I’m a massive advocate for using shortcuts – every change you get to shave a few seconds off your workflow by using shortcuts can only help you in the long run.

– If you’re a beginner to Cinema 4D I do recommend you check these guys out. So with that said let’s jump into today’s tutorial and put it to the test.


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