Chapter 3 – Mantaflow Fire / Blender

By CrossMind Studio

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Hi Guys
Welcome to third chapter of Mantaflow Introduction series. This chapter is about creating a realistic fire simulation and give it cinematic look.
Unlike previous chapters where we discussed basics and played around with basic parameters, this chapter is more about creating a finished sim with high resolution settings and detailed emitter. However, if you have been following previous chapters then this one should be easy for you to follow along.hope you guys enjoy it.

About Mantaflow Series

Welcome to my new tutorial series about blenders new feature – Mantaflow.
A few weeks ago I uploaded a few of my test simulations and some of you really liked it suggested I should do a few tutorials about mantaflow. I personally wanted to do this series as well, because its a newly added feature to blender which can be used in many scenarios such as cinematics and motion design. And since I was exploring and learning mantaflow, I thought its best time to share this tutorial while my observations are fresh.
This will be a really exciting series and a lot of fun.

Unlike previous tutorials, where we had a pre-decided number for chapters, this will be an ongoing series – and we will keep on adding chapters to it whenever we come across the new topics or challenge worth sharing about mantaflow. So you can keep an eye on this playlist and add this to your favorites and enable notification for whenever there is an update to this one.

Mantaflow Playlist

Windows 10
Dual Xeon silver 4114 2.2 GHz ( 2 processors 20 cores)
Quadro P 4000 GPU – 8GB
64 GB 2400 Mhz DDR 5


intro 00:00
Emitter Setup Breakdown: 02:11
Final Fire simulation Breakdown: 08:45
Baking Simulation: 13:00
Shading Fire: 19:28
Render Setup: 27:20