Blender zBrush Substance Painter Stylized Ax Speed Modeling

By 3D Memic

In this video I show you my workflow for creating a prehistoric / medieval ax in a Speedsculpt / Timelapse.

In this case I use zBrush for the high poly model.

I do the retopo of the 3d model with zbrush’s ZRemesher because it is only a static model and is not animated.

The retopo of the blade I did with Blender, because I don’t get good results with the ZRemesher.

The low-poly model is then projected onto the hi-poly model in zrbush in order to make the vertices as close as possible for the later baking of the ambient occlusion, curvature and normal map in substance painter.

finally i create the textures in substance painter and rendered the whole thing with iray.

That is the somewhat lazy approach.

Depending on the model, I do the retopo by hand and render the whole thing in keyshot, zrbush to photoshop or in blender.

As you can see, I need a little more practice when creating the retopo models.

I hope you like it!



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