Blender tutorials to model and animate 3D machine components – Plug Valve – Ep#2

By Yes Yen GraphiTech

Quick, easy and step by step, tutorial to create, 3D machine components using Blender for conducting training / technical meeting in offline classrooms or for online classes like Zoom / Google classroom / MS Edge.

No need to have deep knowledge/experience with 3D modelling.

Start building, 3D machine components using only a few tools and tactics.
Blender based tutorials to help students/ trainers/ professionals to model and also to animate 3D machine components like:
Valves – Compressors – Turbines – Pumps – Heat exchangers – Gears – Bearings – Shafts – Glands – Bolts – Nuts – Furnaces – Fans – Radiators – Wind turbine – Engines – Cranks – Connecting rods – Crank shafts – Piston – Fly wheels and many more.

Though, primarily I have set out on this journey, besides my present capabilities, I could be challenged on some unturned stones. Welcome, we shall together explore and gain.

Learn it right – Learn it now!