Blender Tutorial: Streaking Text Animation

By tutor4u
This Blender video demonstrates how to make a text animation where the text streaks into and out of view. Blender version 2.71 was used for this tutorial. This video shows many techniques that may be helpful to beginners and intermediate users.

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Video Contents:
00:25 First text added.
00:57 Text extruded to add thickness.
01:07 Bevel added to text edges.
01:13 Second text added.
02:17 Camera view is setup.
03:40 Animation keyframes are setup for the first text.
05:52 Animation keyframes are setup for the second text.
07:49 Material is set for the second text.
08:33 Material is set for the first text.
09:03 Lighting is setup.
10:16 Background color is set.
10:27 Glossy material roughness value is adjusted.
10:41 Node editor is displayed in preparation for adding a glare filter.
11:51 Glare filter added to text.
12:23 The glare filter’s Angle Offset is animated.
13:24 Motion blur is added to create the streaking effect.
13:54 A test animation render is performed.
15:07 Render options are setup to render a higher quality animation.
15:36 File format options are discussed. Image format verses Movie format options.
17:02 Animation rendering is begun.
17:41 Finished animation is played.
18:05 The Video Sequence Editor is used to compile the individual images into a single movie file.